Ever since I was 5 years old, I had a brush in my hand using my mom as my canvas. My mother’s career as a hair and makeup artist was a great influence in my passion for what I do today. Being from a minority religious back ground my mother was not allowed to have her own business and practice her skills, so she made one of the rooms in our home a private salon. I grew up watching my mother work her magic. Later in life my love for theatre and the movie industry drew me to the world renowned makeup school Blanche MacDonald.

My journey began with working  for a variety of make up lines, independent short films and Shaw Cable (Studio4 and Urbun Rush). I was part of the Impact Team of artists at  M.A.C  cosmetics and I continued to learn and grow with that company for almost 5 years. Then I went back to Blanche MacDonlad and worked at their retail store Curlique for 3 years. I had the previlage to teach cosmetic retailing, facilitate makeup seminars, and recommend  top industry products to students, public and Pro-artists.  In the meantime, my path lead me to the same line of work as my mother. I began freelancing doing all aspects of makeup from bridal to special effects. I live for the power of transformation wether beauty or beast.

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